Medellin apartment and office tour


In Medellin, most people seemed to be in 2-3 bedroom apartments. For the most part, we were all somewhat close to the workspace (and each other), though the steep hills and humidity definitely made the distance feel much further!
This month I lived with 3 roommates in a 4 bedroom, 4.5 bathroom apartment. The building, like all of my previous apartments, had a 24 hour doorman and an elevator.

Minutes to the workspace: 15
Style: 4 bedroom apartment
Roommates: Alex, Nandita, Matt
Bathrooms: 2 private, 1 shared between 2 bedrooms, 1 guest half bath
Neighborhood: El Poblado
Best thing: I had the master – lots of storage, and sweeping views
Worst thing: far from the workspace, too many bugs

This apartment overlooked the river that ran through town, which provided nice ambient noise but meant that, without air conditioning, I got eaten alive by mosquitoes leaving my windows open all the time. We also had more creatures sharing our apartment than I’d like – we ran into lizards, praying mantises, cockroaches, and an army of ants. I can’t fault them for loving Medellin too.

The apartment itself was somewhat bare bones – the furnishings were fairly new, but sparse, while the building itself was fairly old. The building had some great panoramic views though and given how brutal the walk was to the workspace, I really enjoyed working from the sunroom at home. It was also a pretty spacious apartment, enough to host the entire group for a “family dinner” the night before we moved to Mexico. Overall, I liked this apartment and my only complaints were the bugs/creatures and the distance from the workspace (which I had listed as my number one priority).


I actually liked this workspace a lot, but I rarely used it given that I thought the walk to work was too brutal. It was about a 15 minute walk, straight uphill, and with the humidity I always ended up arriving drenched in sweat.

The workspace was in a Selina space, which calls itself “a Lifestyle, Travel and Hospitality Platform.” Basically, Selina had a hostel inside the building, as well as a workspace, cafe, bar, barbershop, tattoo studio, and more. We shared the workspace with other people, but did have a dedicated area just for Remote Year.

The workspace was also next door to a restaurant called Betty’s Bowls, which we spent so much money at it wasn’t even funny. It was a healthy concept restaurant with insta-worthy food offerings and a cute shop dog.

In summary, I liked the Medellin accommodations and workspace overall. The apartment was spacious and had lots of storage, and since I had the master bedroom, I had my own bathroom with a giant shower. Medellin certainly benefits from the beauty of the city, because it’s easier to overlook incessant ants, sinks that don’t drain, and other creatures visiting you when the views are so gorgeous. The workspace was both pretty and functional, and having a cafe on-site made it really convenient to stay caffeinated. My main complaint was how far my apartment was from the workspace and the beds didn’t have adequate bedding (only sheets and a small lap blanket).