As part of my program fees, Remote Year arranges for an apartment and access to a workspace with high speed internet in each city. I thought you might be curious about my accomodations – both my apartment and my workspace – while I’m on Remote Year, so I’ll be posting a series of these from each city I live in this year. 

In Lima, we live and work in a district called Miraflores. Miraflores is described as an affluent and exclusive residential and upscale shopping district south of downtown Lima.  


This month, our 35 remotes are spread across 12 apartments. My apartment is in a high rise building, and I’m on the 5th floor. Despite not having air conditioning, the apartment does have a 24 hour doorman and an elevator. The apartment is in a residential part of town, though there is a Starbucks and a grocery store about a quarter of a mile away. All of the other remotes (the word Remote Year uses to call those of us participating) live in the same part of town, though most of them are about a 20-30 min walk from me.

Entrance to the apartment
Kitchen. There’s a washer in here, but no dryer.
Living room.
Half bath
Main bathroom
Master bedroom
Bedroom #2

Bedroom #3
View from the apartment


Remote Year promises you a private bedroom, but not a private apartment. This month, all of us have at least one roommate. The Program Leader matches roommates and apartments based on a survey we completed before leaving our home country. I had the option to select my preferences regarding the number of roommates, the gender of my roommates, and various amenities (like proximity to the workspace or to the city center, or access to a kitchen, etc).

This month, I have two roommates: one is from Finland and the other is from Argentina. We’re in a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom apartment.

The apartment has basic cooking supplies (pots and pans, silverware, plates, cups, etc), along with bed linens and 2 towels per person.


This month we’re at the Comunal coworking space. This is a shared workspace, similar to WeWork. Remote Year has several assigned seats at community tables, 2 private phone call rooms, and 1 private meeting room that seats up to 6 people. The coworking space is shared with other companies, and it has amenities like free coffee, free fruited water (filtered and safe to drink!), and air conditioning. It even has US plugs, so I don’t have to take my converter to the office.

The main workspace
A secondary room with seats assigned to Remote Year
The workspace lobby
Remote Year’s meeting room
One of the phone booths assigned to Remote Year. Yes, it’s literally the size of an actual phone booth.

All in all, it’s about what I expected. The workspace is nice, and has everything I’d expect. The internet speed has been fast, and it’s been nice to have US-style plugs. The apartment is not one I would have selected for myself, but I don’t spend much time there so it is fine.