Hanoi: Apartment and office tour


This month found us fairly spread out again. About half of the group were in buildings about 5 minutes from the workspace, and the rest of us were clumped in smaller groups in a radius around the workspace.

Minutes to the workspace: 12 grueling, sweat soaked minutes, according to google.
Style: studio apartment
Roommates: none
Bathrooms: 1 – there is no shower curtain, but there is a “bum gun”
Neighborhood: Cua Dong Ward, Ba Dinh District
Best thing: I can run the AC as cold as I’d like with no roommates!
Worst thing: another old apartment, far from the workspace, no oven or toaster, having to reach your hands through tiny gates to reach the padlock to open the door to the garage.

I wasn’t terribly happy with this apartment again. My number one priority has been distance from the workspace, and again, I am in one of the furthest units from the workspace (4 locations are closer, 2 locations are further away than me). I have also prioritized modern spaces, of which this one is not. It is nice to have my own unit though, and it also has a desk (albeit an uncomfortable one) which has been super helpful for working from home.

Welcome sign in the workspace, left by the group before us (Parea)


This has been my favorite workspace to date. I really love this space and wish I were closer so I could use it more. It’s really too far to walk in the heat and humidity that Hanoi has now, and getting an Uber 4x/day (2 split shifts of 4 hours each) just isn’t reasonable.

We have our own dedicated workspace on the 7th floor in an office tour. The location itself is great, with lots of restaurants and coffee shops nearby, and even a grocery store in the building.

The workspace has plenty of common space, and tons of call rooms (all comfortable) for private calls. There are bean bags to relax on, a fridge to keep things, and free water. During the day the AC is kept nice and cool, with my only complaint being that they turn off the AC after 7pm. This didn’t turn out to be too much of an issue, as several of the call rooms had portable AC units, and I often just went home in the evenings anyhow.

Overall, I wish all of our workspaces were private to RY, with as many call rooms as this one had. It was a real treat to have free reign of the place and to never have to kick anyone out of a call room (or really, to even have to reserve one because they were always available). The apartment was just ok, but it certainly could have been worse. I appreciated the fast internet, cold AC, and lots of storage space.